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Back To Basics: Translation

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0.3 CEUs PS

It's good to get back to basics, and this workshop allows working (and new) interpreters a chance to break down the essential process of taking thoughts and words in one language and rendering them into another. You know... our job. By definition, "interpretation" happens on the fly, while "translation" is done over time. While interpreters don't have this luxury of time that is available to translators, interpreters can benefit from slowing down, and experiencing the full translation process. This workshop covers text analysis (information, emotion, central ideas, intentions, meta-linguistic elements), collaboration, and self-analysis. Through lecture, discussion, and activities, participants will have the chance to imagine what it would be like to have a full day, a full week, or even just a full minute, to process language. By getting back to basics, interpreters will (re-)discover what parts of the complete translation process can influence and enhance interpretation.

Presented by Alek Lev, NIC-Master, CI, CT