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Connecting The Dots in Deaf Ministry- LIVE WEBCAST

SKU#: Connecting The Dots in Deaf Ministry- LIVE WEBCAST

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Connecting the Dots of Deaf Ministry

Thursday, April 13th 6-8 pm

Cost: $25.00

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This webcast is designed from a Christian perspective to help ministry interpreters navigate deaf ministry in a healthier way for them and the DDBHH community. Wendi brings 20 years of experience in Deaf ministry to the table and will use her experience to challenge you to evaluate yourself as an interpreter and ministry leader. Together we will connect the dots we often struggle with, such as Ministry Vs. Interpreting, empowering the Deaf, Audism within the church, and establishing appropriate boundaries.

At the end of the webcast, interpreters will

• List the difference between Deaf ministry and interpreting in church.
• Be able to identify the importance of empowering the Deaf within the ministry
• Identify Audism within the ministry and how to prevent it
• Demonstrate boundaries within the ministry: Self-care for yourself and others, and burnt-out prevention