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Ethics and The Real You Part 3 (July 1, 2024)

SKU#: Ethics and The Real You Part 3 (July 1, 2024)

1.3 CEUs

"Ethics and the Real You – Part 1" OR "The Code: an analytical approach" is a prerequisite for this course.  “Ethics and the Real You - Part 3” is a five-week course involving video lectures and activities you do in your own home or workspace. Topics include: Creating a Good Society, Lying, Rights and Cultures and Compassion, Good Life, Human Value, Human Potential, Variety, Correctives, and ethics in organizations. Continuing the same premise used in Part 1 of this series, this course will assist you in defining your ethics, your values, and how you apply those ethics to specific scenarios as a professional interpreter.  Ethical decisions and behavior involve many different constructs of belief and value.  Using the RID/NAD Code of Professional Conduct, as a guide for the next five weeks we explore some of those nuances that demand we decide which side of the fence we stand.