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Ethics and the Real You - Part 3 (AUG 2021)

SKU#: 91 ERY Pt 3 AUG 2021
2.5 CEUs PS

**This class will begin on August 9, 2021**

"Ethics and the Real You – Part 1" OR "The Code: an analytical approach" is a prerequisite for this course.  “Ethics and the Real You - Part 3” is a five-week course involving video lectures and activities you do in your own home or workspace. Topics include: Creating a Good Society, Lying, Rights and Cultures and Compassion, Good Life, Human Value, Human Potential, Variety, Correctives, and ethics in organizations. Continuing the same premise used in Part 1 of this series, this course will assist you in defining your ethics, your values, and how you apply those ethics to specific scenarios as a professional interpreter.  Ethical decisions and behavior involve many different constructs of belief and value.  Using the RID/NAD Code of Professional Conduct, as a guide for the next five weeks we explore some of those nuances that demand we decide which side of the fence we stand. 

Presented by David W. Hylan, Jr., Ed.D, CI/CT, LA Level V