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Online Sign Language Studies 101 (6/18-7/23)

SKU#: Online Sign Language Studies 101 (7/9-8/13)

Sign Language 101 - 6 Week Online Course June 18 - July 23 at 5:30-7:00 PM (Live)
Dive into the fundamentals of ASL with our 6-week online course taught by Wendi Coker
and Cheyenne Bryant.

This interactive virtual class will introduce you to the building blocks of American Sign
Language (ASL). Throughout six sessions, you'll explore:

• Fingerspelling and numbers • Essential vocabulary and grammar • The unique sentence
structure of ASL • Vital elements of Deaf culture and etiquette.

This course is an engaging, hands-on approach in a nonthreatening environment. You'll
watch pre-recorded instructional videos each week to learn the core concepts. Then, during
our live online meetings, you'll put those skills into practice through interactive exercises,
group discussions, and personalized feedback.

By the end of this course, you'll have the beginning foundation of ASL and a deeper
understanding of the Deaf community and culture. Whether you're a beginner or looking to
refresh your skills, this virtual program is the perfect way to start.
Spots are limited to 20 students, so don't wait. Enroll today and get ready to unlock a new
world of visual-spatial communication.

Important information that will help you be successful in this course
● It's crucial to use a laptop or desktop computer for this course. Please refrain from
using a phone. This will facilitate an optimal learning experience and interaction
with the instructor and other students.
● Remember that we will maintain an encouraging and safe environment during this
course. We want everyone to feel comfortable and enjoy learning.
● You will need to be able to participate in the class. To learn this visual language, you
will need to be able to practice in front of your instructor and classmates.
● It's important to note that this course is not an interpreter's training course. It is an
introductory sign language class designed to begin your journey learning ASL.
● It is essential to understand that ASL is not English on the hands. It has
grammatical structure.


Spots are limited to 20 students, so don't wait!  This class requires a minimum of 6 participants to proceed.