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PATH: Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope

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0.6 CEUs PS

Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope (PATH) is a popular and effective visual planning tool that is used to solve problems, set short and long term goals, and create action. The PATH process encourages participants to visualize a future based on shared values and beliefs. It includes the identification of specific timeframes and accomplishments, as well as, a description of current and potential resources.  Steven Hunter, MSW, presenting in American Sign Language, begins the first half of the webcast by providing an overview of the PATH process and explaining the various aspects in building a PATH plan.  In the second half of the webcast, Steven interviews an interpreter and walks her through using PATH to realize her goal of obtaining legal certification.


  • Participants will be able to name at least two process components of the planning tool – PATH.
  • Participants will be able to list at least three shared values and beliefs of the PATH planning tool.
  • Participants will be able to provide his/her own goals appropriate for use in the PATH process.

Presented by Steven Hunter, MSW, LCAS, CPSS