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Power & Privilege - A Personal 'Pressing' Issue

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0.3 CEUs PS

RID has begun to require trainings in 'Power, Privilege, and Oppression' (PPO) subject matter, which seems like a pioneering move for our profession. But our cultural and linguistic roots as ASL-English Interpreters (and 'Of Color'!) have always negotiated the fine lines between recognizing those in Power/those without, those with Privilege/those fighting for basic dignities, overt displays of oppression, and micro-aggressions that further alienate certain groups, but forge alliance with others.

This workshop will begin the dialogue of recognizing our own personal Power Characteristics, Unconscious Privileges, and Micro-Aggressions that Elevate/Oppress and Approve/Invalidate others through self-analysis of personal choices in constructed examples. Small Groups will discuss personal Power/Privilege/ Oppression characteristics that we may demonstrate in our daily lives. The RID-NAD CPC and PPO actions/inactions will also be contextually considered from multiple intersecting viewpoints, resulting in applied Best Practices outcomes for all stakeholders in Interpreting situations.


  • Participants will identify 2-4 of their personal Power, Privilege, and Oppressive characteristics
  • Participants will rank their personal PPO characteristics on behavioral, cognitive, linguistic, and cultural norms spectra.
  • Participants will formulate 2 creative approaches to defusing and reducing personal PPO characteristics in their daily lives.
  • Participants will be able to specify at least one RID-NAD CPC tenet that applies to sample situations containing PPO occurrences.

Presented by Bob LoParo, RID CI, CT