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Tactile ASL: Learning the Language of the Deaf/Blind

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It has been estimated that as much as 90% of communication is non-verbal. Our body language and facial expressions all add meaning to our expressions. Even more so for a complex visual language like ASL. How can this visual non-manual morphemes, modulation, intonation, and spatial references be conveyed to someone with little or no vision? 

This workshop provides service providers with research-based strategies for implementing the appropriate modifications to our sign production, effectively convey implicit and explicit visual contextual information to Deaf-blind consumers tactually.

 With the proper accommodations, we will provide the Deaf-blind with equal access to content and intent of a message, increasing opportunities for successful outcomes and empowerment.

 Learning Objectives:

 As a result of attending this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify visual contextual information that requires production modification for Deaf-blind.
  • Explain techniques for conveying visual content tactually.
  • Produce clear, semantically rich interpretations into Tactile ASL to Deafblind consumers while maintaining the spirit of the message.

Presented by Brent Tracy, B.Ed., BIC, Ed:K-12