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Interpreting Anatomy: Human Endocrine System

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0.3 CEUs PS

This training will review basic body systems and anatomy, focusing specifically on the Human Endocrine System, its common ailments, and potential treatments. Knowing these details will help Interpreters better appraise potential assignments offered that may be General Medical, Specialist, and/or ER related, and help them gauge if the assignment is the most appropriate match for their abilities. Some pharmacology and prescription drugs will also be presented. Walking through a variety of common patient complaints from start (Hospital/Dr. Appointment) to finish (Treatment & follow-up) will embed schema that is Deaf- centric and Linguistically appropriate, empowering Deaf patients in the long-run. Interpreters will be able to apply their increased knowledge regarding Endocrine System Anatomy, Injury, Diagnosis, and Prognosis, to multiple scenarios, while also recognizing that increasing the level of the Interpreter’s qualifications prior to accepting such assignments will support allyship and improve Deaf patients’ self-determination.

Presented by Bob LoParo, RID CI, CT